Saturday, 6 April 2013

Activity Tracking Devices

Activity tracking devices:

by Vinothini

It is a device used  to track our daily activities.  Initiative of this kind of device are PEDOMETER.

Pedometer: It is portable electronic equipment that counts each steps of a person (while walking) takes by detecting the motion of persons hip. Generically used by sports and physical fitness enthusiasts, but now it becoming popular as every day exercise measured.

Let us discuss about Jawbone-Up device. It is wrist band,track your activities such as:

It can track your sleep  and wake-up  feeling refreshed

Knows how much ground cover in your day..  Etc..

Activity tracking devices

An interesting feature, if you sit idle  for 15 minutes it produce vibration with a
message “Getup & walk”.

People who feel the difficulty to buy this device here is an easy way , use

Google Now through your android phone. Where you can get those facilities provided by the device..  Refer

Let us know about an another device that is

Social Denim:

It is an Italian made jeans, which is equipped with blue tooth connecting device in it pocket, The device is connected to the wearers’ smartphone, so they can update their social networks through a special made app.

The Social Denim lets you quickly click the device to let people know your current location or mood. Your “happiness level” features eight different moods to choose from. This allows people to choose  between eight different moods ranging from positive to negative.

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