Thursday, 31 October 2013




It is the most advanced and emerging technology today.
What is it??? It is nothing but sending data and electric power in the same line that is used for power line.
The data are internet communication, telephone communication, etc.
We know that the above mentioned communication takes conductor as medium to travel.
Here that property is used for sending simultaneously AC electric power and data.
Mostly they are used within a building for example home automation.
Typically transformer prevents the propagation of signal, so it requires multiple technologies to form very large networks.
Data rates and distances limits vary widely over many power line communication standards
Low frequency impressed on high voltages, high data rate only used for short distance.


It reduces the cost of communication.
No need of building any external setup we can use already existing features.


It enable in vehicle network communication of data voice, music & video signal by digital mean over direct current from battery.

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