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IR-Infrared Communication. It uses infrared light to transfer data.
Infrared light is a wavelength of energy that is invisible to the human eye.
It is a point-to-point communication i.e. it has line of sight.
The most popular application of IR is the TV Remote Control.

Why it is called Infrared?

IR is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Infrared waves lie between microwaves and visible light waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.
The prefix infra means "below", the infrared means "below red". This indicates its position in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Won’t the IR Rays affect human?


Yes probably the IR rays affect the humans if it is used in higher wavelength.
But most of the electronic devices make use of IR at lower wavelength or near infrared wavelength.
So it won't affect the human.

Advantages of using Infrared Communication:

SECURITY: Infrared communication has high directionality and can identify the person whom you are communicating with.
COMMUNICATION SPEED: Infrared communication has a maximum speed of about 1Gbps.

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