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From the word Wireless we can understand, this communication doesn't require any wire.
Electromagnetic waves are used to carry the information from one point to other in this communication.

What is the need for Wireless Communication?


For communicating with people from one end to other end of the world we need wired connection.
But the cost for connecting entire world by cables will be high. Also it is impossible.
If there causes any damage in the wire we cannot identify the place of the fault.
Due such a kind of problems we go for wireless communication which is of low cost.

Advantages of Wireless communication:

Flexibility: Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages.
Ease of use: wireless networks are easy to setup and handle.
Place devices: These devices won't occupy much place as that of wired devices.
Durability: It has long lasting capability.
Prices: The prices of wireless networks are very low.

Various wireless communications:
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